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Installation Engineering

Oceanoiltech has a reputation of working closely with marine and offshore contractors to optimize cost and quantify the risk of offshore operations. The installation phase of an offshore project without doubt carries significant cost and risk. Successful installation operations require thoroughly engineered offshore operations, with the extreme attention to detail. We provide a range of operations engineering solutions for offshore installation and marine operations.

-Load out structural analysis

-Ballast and stability calculation during load out, transportation and installation

-Vessel longitudinal strength calculations

-Sea fastening design & Tow analysis

-Motion Analysis

-Transportation Structural Analysis

-Float over analysis for topside installation

-Lifting Analysis for jackets and topsides

-Crane DAF Analysis during lifting

-Mooring Analyses (frequency & time domain simulation)

-Barging Operation for repair of jack up legs and spud cans

-Float on Float off engineering for jack up rig load outs

-Preparation of offshore installation manuals